Who Is Izzy Rius?

Izzy Rius is a radio shock jock born – Ismail Charles Rius – to Indian immigrants in London. After the death of his father, his mother married a Mexican, and now he is living in Houston, Texas, with his wife and young step-daughter. Izzy has lead a publically hedonistic life style, but has mellowed slightlyContinue reading “Who Is Izzy Rius?”

Iwjai Rami, The Humaneer

TMKE Radio’s Izzy Rius interviews Iwjai Rami, who is, more often these days, referred to as “The Humaneer”, and is the first Human Clone Engineered to Host an Idea of Self. The controversy around Iwjai is well known, but we have given him an opportunity to be open with us, and as always, you areContinue reading “Iwjai Rami, The Humaneer”